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Welcome to Legions of the Night
Since 1998, Legions of the Night has been the official fan community for Midnight Syndicate. This website is a platform to showcase the work of artists that enjoy and/or find inspiration in the music of Midnight Syndicate. If you would like to be included, please contact us.

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Shadow's Symphony

Our friends over at Shadows Symphony have a new album out entitled Desolate Horror. Set in a cabin deep in the woods during the dead of winter, the album is both atmospheric and haunting. "It's one of my favorite CDs I've written," said composer Grant Smoker. We agree! To preview and purchase the album, visit Shadows Symphony on iTunes and be sure to follow them on Facebook.

"It's been a surreal journey writing horror music. I've been a huge fan of Midnight Syndicate since high school and they continue to be an inspiration to this day. Shadow's Symphony would simply not exist if it weren't for Ed and Gavin. We owe them so much for this. I'm ecstatic to be a part of this genre of Haunting music." - Grant Smoker

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