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Dark Dreams

by Caetlyn Malise Devereaux

The hour is creeping closer to midnight
Dreams of the restless taking on a darker tone
And there, in the shadows, they await
Like a plague or disease - always there, waiting to be released

A solitary figure on an abandoned lane
A light mist wafting in over the ground
Footsteps drowned out by another's - louder, closer
A scream silenced in the dark, then nothing

Hearts pounding in fear, a glance, two, behind
Escaping their pursuers - truth's lie
For every step away brings them closer to a lifetime of horror, of pain
Life perishes regardless

A looming shadow over her, wanting, protecting
Eyes on the fingers that lay curled in sleep
A sudden movement, a gasp... a drawing away
To leave her alone to wake with her own shadows and fears

He watches every night
Barring the way for any other to enter
And yet she is unaware of her protector
Except in dreams, where she knows his visage

The piercing scream is not hers
But she awakens nonetheless
And runs from the arms of protection
To the danger that lies in wait, just outside her door

A moment of silence, and all is lost

The hour is creeping past midnight
No more dreams of the restless to shape
The night dark and still once more
A souless being, weeping in the moonlight


by Aurora Grabill
(inspired by the Midnight Syndicate song Shadows)

head down, the full moon in sight

heat brushed wind weaves itself
around the raspy bark of
dehydrated trees

pulse in step with my pace
the soundtrack starts up once more

this time not the violins and piano
that do little more than elicit
tears from my eyes

but rather

a steady rhythm of a drum
and the low thud of a bass with
the protesting clang of bells

now walking in the moon's halo
that so captivates me on this night

eyes glowering boldly; I feel

as if every nerve

in my body

has been revived

Black Winged Angel

by Healium Shriekspear

Black winged angel
Tear me within
Let's explore our own dangers
Hence forth a brand new sin

Nothing can stop us
As misery creates gilded love
Unified hearts
Burnt together in terrorizing harmony

Immortal, Free to roam
Into the depths of agony
The abyss of all abnormal exasperation
Our romance defies all realms of the afterlife

Always be at one with me
Our failure will be complete
Only to succeed in sorrow
Together, In the plagues of our own misery

Our unmotivated despair is what shall make us always live
In the death of our own salvation
Black winged angel
I'm yours for all of eternity

The Mists of the Night

by Caetlyn Malise Devereaux

The vesper tolls midnight
Welcoming the witching hour
Fallen debris and dead leaves
The mists surrounding her
Hindering any progress
that might have been made
On this wickedly cold night

Arms snaking around her shoulders
The breath, the life - freezing
Gone in an instant
The barest of whispers on her cheek
The ethereal caress
Sending shivers of delightful enchantment
through her body

She is lost to the darkness
Succumbing in blissful surrender
The mists pour in,
Covering any trace of what was
And the landscape is cold and bare once more
The bell strikes the twelfth time
One final toll, the dream is over
-A lost soul but a memory

The Fallen

by Ryan Skimehorn

Once I was of the light
Now I am of the dark
Once loved above all
Now cursed forevermore
I'm darkness in the light
We are darkness in the light
First of the one
First of many
Now less then nothing
I am an angel
Yet I have fallen
Fallen from God's grace
For my pride
My lovely pride
Curse on man
For he is in God's grace
For he is in God's image
For only he can be forgiven
I shall never be forgiven

Sin-Jin Smyth

by NyghtChyld

Thunder Crashes
Lightning Flashes
Rain Falls Quick And Fierce
Upon The Hearts
Of The Recent Depart
Like Blades With Power That Pierce

A Soul Is Slain
From A Tree He Hangs
Swinging, Dangling From A Tree
With Much Surprise
His Heart Survives
But Dead Quickly In History

With Much Too Shudder
A Crime? Self Murder?
A Ponder Blown Within The Wind
A Soul Is Taken
Accident? Or Purposely Breaking?
A Mystery Of A Sin

Thunder Crashes
Lighting Crashes
Unknown Of This Story Or Myth
A Living Dream
Of A Nightmarish Scream
Of The Horror Of The Sin-Jin Smyth

The Lady of Dark & Despair

by Healium Shriekspear

Singelic, This angel from below
Behold the beauty she unfolds
Full of sin, Cursed with love
Her dead soul full of torn envy

Her heart full of emptiness
In droughts of dried hope
Crossing along the trials of witchery
Death her only inspiration

A product of an ignorant society
Slaves around her produce no hope
She falls into the arms of her own rationality
Only to find nothing to hold

A ghost in the whist of her own temptation
Like dust eating through distant time
Crept into a blackened abyss of lilac murder
Realizing she is only one of her kind

No one expected her to do what she did
Yet, Who ever gave her the day or time?
To get to know this beautiful soul
Now she has no other choice
She now fallows the reapers design

Ode to the hopeless
Whom has no dreams ahead
Join her to celebrate the rise of the dead
Cry in the blood of lustful agony

She screams in pains of echoed intertwined
Admired by the suicide of her own existence
All by a cold ill fated design
Beauty dressed in black trenched euphoric destruction

Her spirit will always live on strong

Winter's Raven

by Karen "Ren" Paradiso

Voiceless words echo vacantly through the halls, alone she lies
Solemn images of A life she never lived, and tears she never cries

In a room cold and empty, Gives no light to the world outside
To a world that never was, She dwells there alone and sighs

Aimlessly she wanders in this decollate place
trying to remember the warmness of the sun
Or the gentle rain drops caressing her face

She sees only the emptiness that has seeped low
Within these walls there is no glow
The moon and stars are nothing more then a memory
Of happier times that will never be
There alone she sits and waits
For the tiny black bird that only she can see
The raven that has become her misery

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