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The following is a list of some of the bands that have either worked with, are fans of, or are influenced by Midnight Syndicate as well as some of the musical acts that have inspired Midnight Syndicate's music.

To have your band or project listed here please contact us.

Bad Jack Productions (Instrumental Horror Music)
Band of Orcs (Heavy Metal)
Destini Beard (Vocalist) - Vocalist and Lyricist for A Time Forgotten, The Dark Masquerade EP
Encoder (Industrial) - Pat Berdysz featured on The Dead Matter soundtrack, A Time Forgotten
Eternal Legacy (Heavy Metal) - featured on The Dead Matter soundtrack
Filament 38 (Industrial)
Ghost Provokers (Ghost Fusion / Dance) - remixed two Midnight Syndicate tracks on soundtrack
Grave Tone Productions (Industrial and Heavy Metal Haunted House Music)
hIPNOSTIC - featured on The Dead Matter soundtrack
Jerry Vayne - Haunt Rocker (Instrumental Heavy Metal) - featured on The Dead Matter soundtrack
Jon Autopsy (Industrial Terror Music)
King Diamond (Black Metal)
Lazy Lane (Ghost Rock) - featured on The Dead Matter soundtrack and The 13th Hour
Lacrymosa Aeterna (Classical Crossover)
Misfits (Punk)
Mizfit Tha Menace (Horrorcore)
Morbid Doll Maker (Instrumental Horror Music)
Mortanius (Gothic Progressive Metal)
Mushroomhead (Heavy Metal)
Mystary (Horrorcore)
Nocturnal Solitude (Instrumental Horror Music)
Parlormuse (Victorian-Era Music) - Gavin Goszka's side project
Quanta (Funk/Blues/Rock) - featured on The Dead Matter soundtrack
Sam Haynes (Instrumental Horror Music)
Sean Beeson (Videogame Composer)
Shadow's Symphony (Instrumental Horror Music)
State of Being (Industrial Pop)
The Graveyard Stompers (Swing Horrorbilly)
The Night Keep (Dark Ambient)
Three Six Mafia (Rap) - sampled Midnight Syndicate on Da Unbreakables
Throne of Anguish (Dark Ambient)
Van Helsing's Curse (Symphonic Halloween Heavy Metal)
Verse 13 (Instrumental Horror Music)
Virgil Franklin (Instrumental Horror Music)
X-Score (Instrumental Fantasy Music)